Evade The Light — Devlog #2

2 min readNov 22, 2022


We want to share important, but, unfortunately, sad news. During closed testing of our game, AzDimension received unsatisfactory results. The concept and ideas underlying our game remain unchanged. But the implementation of these aspects still does not reach the level of our standards. AzDimenson creates Evade The Light with love, and it is important for us that every player can feel these feelings.

Still — this is not the end. Development has not been stopped, which means the game is alive. We are confident that your waiting will pay off in full.

However, we have some good news — we present you the concept art of our future monsters.


Ozyrynx is the high monk and ruler of the Spawners. With his absolute power of telepathic abilities, it costs him nothing to lift multi-ton structures like a feather. He subjugated the entire planet, and his reign, perhaps, will last forever — no one has yet dared to challenge the Ozyrynx.


Shellhead is a gigantic creature, reaching up to 7–8 meters in height. Do not let it’s thin legs deceive you- it will not be easy to knock it down. Shellhead’s body armor can withstand even large-caliber bullets, and it can defend itself both from a distance, with the controlled swarm of insects, and in close combat — it costs nothing for it to trample you into dust.

Shellhead’s only weak spot is it’s belly. But will you have enough time to deal with it before this monster annihilates you?


Langers are very fast predators that are almost impossible to see. Only a second before the attack you have a chance to dodge their deadly grab.